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Weatherly’s business saved by correct cover

Ben Weatherly doesn’t mince words when he describes what would have happened had he not been adequately insured when Mooroopna Golf Club flooded in October 2022.

Heavy rain through the week convinced Weatherly – in consultation with the match committee – to cancel Saturday’s members comp as parts of the course were already flooding.

Mooroopna’s resident PGA Professional decided to open the pro shop on Saturday morning in case some members wished to have a social hit.

By midday, he had moved his pro shop stock into the clubhouse and headed home before the Shepparton-Mooroopna Causeway was closed at 6.30pm that night.

It would be three weeks before he would be able to return.

The golf course itself was closed for almost a month but due to his insurance policy via Golf Business Australia, Weatherly had the peace of mind to know that he would not suffer financially.

Managing Director of Golf Business Australia, Daniel Bateup, has become a valued conduit between PGA Professionals and insurance companies and has formulated a policy that is designed to protect the business interests of PGA Members during difficult times.

Whether it has been bushfires, flooding, rain events or malicious or accidental damage, many golf clubs have been forced to close their doors temporarily the past few years.

Given that many clubs are unable to obtain insurance for flooding or it is prohibitively expensive, the Business Interruption (Loss of Attraction) cover sourced by Golf Business Australia provides a much-needed source of income.

It was a source of income that Weatherly insists saved his business.

“I don’t think I’d be here anymore if it wasn’t for insurance. Definitely not,” says Weatherly, who was also insured through Golf Business Australia at his previous posting at Craigieburn Golf Club.

“My business would have gone for sure.

“For a young family, the financials were our biggest concern. Rent, car payments, all that sort of stuff.

“All the stress about living within our means and making sure we could pay our bills because there was no income coming in.

“The insurance kicked in and that helped us to get back on our feet.”

Ben Weatherly’s pro shop at Mooroopna is back up and running thanks to insurance sourced by Golf Business Australia.

Describing the service provided by Bateup and his team as “emotionally comforting”, Weatherly contacted Golf Business Australia on the Sunday, October 16.

Initially unsure whether his policy covered flooding, Weatherly says the communication and efficiency of the Golf Business Australia team was crucial in such a stressful period.

“You feel like you might be asking almost stupid questions about what’s covered and what’s not but Daniel and his team walk you through it all and provide that guidance that you need,” Weatherly adds.

“I didn’t know what my policy covered. Not exactly.

“Sunday night I messaged Daniel and said, ‘Not sure what’s going to happen here, am I covered?’ Daniel was straight onto it and said, ‘Yes, you’re covered for flood’ and that he would get back to me on what needed to happen.

“They had the assessors come out, all of the reports, all of the stock, all of the equipment listed out.”

For Bateup, it was another example of the specific cover required by PGA Professionals.

“GBA is very proud of the outcome achieved for Ben at Mooroopna Golf Club,” Bateup said.

“We will continue to work closely with our insurer partners so that PGA Members continue to receive the best possible protection and competitive premiums.”

Weatherly paid tribute to the golf club management and members who helped to strip out the pro shop while he was cut-off from the course and also Paul Jamison and the team at On Course Golf.

And he was extremely grateful for an insurance settlement facilitated by Golf Business Australia.

“The golf club was absolutely incredible. They had some members rip up the carpets for me because I couldn’t get over there,” Weatherly said.

“And I highly, highly recommend Daniel, Steve and their team.

“I can’t imagine where I’d be right now without that insurance policy.”

Golf Business Australia is a partner of the PGA of Australia. To get a free quote or take advantage of the Golf Business Australia discount offer available to PGA Members visit

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