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Benefits of hiring a PGA Professional

PGA Professionals bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge that can have an impact on all aspects of the golf business, from driving up revenues to bringing in the next generation of golfers. With formal training across management, small business, coaching and game development, PGA Professionals are highly skilled industry leaders, well equipped to drive the success of your facility. 

PGA Professionals hold a wide variety of roles in the golf industry such as

PGA Professionals are committed to continuous improvement and undertake ongoing training and education under the PGA’s Accreditation and Continuing Education (ACE) Program.

The ACE Program delivers content across four streams, Coaching, Game Development, Small Business and Management. PGA Professionals can choose to further their education in all areas or may elect to specialise in one particular stream. 

Engagement is at the core of the PGA skill set and the expertise of PGA Professionals can be leveraged to enhance member and guest services, new member attraction and retention of existing members.

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