ACE Program - PGA of Australia

ACE Program

The PGA Accreditation and Continuing Education Program, or ACE as it is commonly known, provides training to PGA Professionals ensuring their knowledge and skills are constantly evolving and maintaining up to date with industry trends.

The ACE Program provides training across the following four streams:

Education and Training is offered through a variety of delivery methods including online modules, webinars along with face-to-face seminars. 

PGA Professionals who engage in sufficient ongoing education are classified as “Certified Professionals”, while PGA Professionals who undertake targeted training in specific streams may become “Advanced” in one or more of the above streams. 

The Advanced status allows PGA Professionals to identify areas of specialisation, whether it be in coaching, small business, management or game development.

The ACE program requires PGA Professionals to continue learning to maintain certification with credits expiring after 4 years.