Our Members

The PGA represents over 2,600 Vocational and Tournament Professionals living and working in Australia and overseas. The majority of our Members are employed in a vocational capacity, primarily at local or overseas golf facilities.

PGA Members have advanced knowledge and expertise gained through rigorous industry training, education and experience in game development, coaching and golf operations. Our Membership consists of highly skilled club based Professionals, coaches, world ranked Tour players, Major winners and Trainees. To become a Member of the PGA, you must meet certain training, education and accreditation requirements.

Membership Classifications

The main Membership categories with the PGA include:

Vocational – Golf professional working in industry, status attained via completion of a PGA Trainee Program or Bridging Program

Tournament – Professional golfer playing on Tour, status attained via Qualifying School or maintained through the various exemption categories

Other – Categories requiring board approval, Life Member, Retired Member