TRANSCRIPT | Yuan Yechun, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Yuan Yechun, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Q.  How do you sum up ‑‑ you got out to a little bit of a lead.  How did you sort of manage the back nine?

YUAN YECHUN:  I didn’t play that great today overall, but I managed to hit some good shots into the green, a couple close birdie chance.  I missed a couple, but I captured a couple chances.  Putter wasn’t as hot as yesterday, but I still hit some good putts that nearly went in.  Overall, I played solid, yeah.

Q.  How did you find playing with Adam and the crowds?

YUAN YECHUN:  It was fun, for sure, playing with especially a local hero and so many people cheering.  It’s a great experience for me.

Q.  Do you feel like tomorrow’s ‑‑ it’s the type of course where no one’s probably going to get away too far.  Do you have sort of a number in mind that you think will be competitive tomorrow?

YUAN YECHUN:  I think if I shoot 5 or 6 under I have a good shot at it.  Plus, I don’t know how the wind is, if it blows pretty strong.  If I put up a good number, I’ll still have a chance at it.

Q.  Are you getting any support from home?  Are you getting any messages from friends or family?

YUAN YECHUN:  Oh, for sure, yeah.  My friends all text me and wish me luck, yeah.

Q.  Anyone ‑‑ any other sort of Chinese players that you’re close with or that would be sending you a message of support?

YUAN YECHUN:  A bunch of friends, my parents’ friends, they’re all watching, so it was great.

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