TRANSCRIPT | Wade Ormsby, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Wade Ormsby, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Q.  Wade, another exciting round by you.  You’re probably exactly where you want to be?

WADE ORMSBY:  Yeah, I put myself in perfect position going into Sunday, I guess.  See what Scotty does on 18 now.  It’s tricky out there with the wind and some of the pin positions.  Everything’s getting firmer.  I’m not sure how those boys shot their scores this morning, but just have to hang in there.

Q.  How did you handle the wind?  It seemed to get a hold of a few of the guys.  The morning field played pretty strongly, but the arvo field is sort of ‑‑

WADE ORMSBY:  It’s just tricky.  Like you I said, things dry out, the pins get harder to get at and it’s harder to get the right club in your hand.  The wind’s kind of shifting around a little bit.  But overall I think we did a pretty decent job, we scrambled well.

Q.  Bogey free again, obviously it’s that ‑‑ it’s the course where you just need to keep those mistakes off your card and not fall back in the field, I guess?

WADE ORMSBY:  Yeah, exactly right.  The greens are tricky, like the green complexes.  So you’ve just got to be a little not defensive, you’ve just got to play the pin correctly, you can’t always go at everything.  Of course I missed a few putts out there, but nothing short, just kind of those makeable 8‑ to 12‑footers, but going to do a bit of work on my swing now.

Q.  Your experience around here on Sunday at Royal Pines, is it a hard place to kind of right yourself late in the afternoon?  Is it hard to kind of separate yourself?

WADE ORMSBY:  I haven’t been able to do it, but ‑‑

Q.  You got into a playoff.

WADE ORMSBY:  Yeah, I think it’s ‑‑ yeah, I see what you’re saying.  It’s hard to kind of get out in front and go, but I guess any course, if you hit enough good shots and hole enough putts, you can get going.  I think you need to putt well in order to do that, but you’ve still got to play the golf course on its merits.  There’s going to be some tricky flags tomorrow and there’ll be some gettable ones, so I’ll just keep plodding my way around and play the same type of golf I’ve been playing and see where that leaves me.

Q.  Does that give you confidence that you don’t have to flatline to be where you are?  A steady‑as‑she‑goes approach is working?

WADE ORMSBY:  Yeah, I think it probably relates to a little bit of a colder putter.  I haven’t holed a lot, but I haven’t missed a lot either from the short range.  I think that’s why my scorecard kind of looks like it does.  Yeah, at the same time, got to play away from some pins so you’ve kind of got longer birdie putts, so that’s just kind of why you have that sort of boring looking scorecard.

Q.  When you play with Adam, is there much talk?  I mean, do you guys ‑‑ because you guys have a history, do you expect much interaction tomorrow or is he the kind of guy that kind of keeps to himself a lot?

WADE ORMSBY:  He’s a class act, so he knows what he’s doing out there, but at the same time, there’s always time to have a chat depending on how we’re both going.  But no, we have a good chat out there.  At different times, you kind of know when each other wants to talk.

Q.  What’s the normal topic of conversation between you two?

WADE ORMSBY:  I don’t know, something from the junior days normally.

Q.  It would be good to get him, right?

WADE ORMSBY:  Exactly.  I was really grinding hard there to try and get that one up and down the last.  I want to play in the last group, especially when it’s so bunched.  It’s nice to be right at the end there where you feel like you’ve got not control, but you know what you have to do.

Q.  Cam’s four back.  Do you think he’s pretty capable of catching that up?

WADE ORMSBY:  Very capable.  He knows what he’s doing around here.  You have to go low tomorrow, there’s enough guys there.  Well, not low low, you just have to play well.  You’re not going to go out there and shoot 1 under to win the golf tournament.  You’re going to have to go a little bit deeper than that, but we’ll set a number and go and chase it in the morning.

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