TRANSCRIPT | Min Woo Lee, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 4

Min Woo Lee, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 4

Q.  How did you feel like you handled Sunday in a big event like this?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, it was just a scrappy start.  I bogeyed the first two par 3s, that wasn’t the best, but I was pretty proud of the way I handled myself.  I hit a lot of good shots on the back nine.  So 17 was a little unlucky and I hit a really good shot into 18, just missed the putt.  Yeah, just a few putts missed and I’m right in there, and a few mistakes during the week.  Yeah, it’s a good learning curve.

Q.  Did you have a number in mind today?  Did you sort of ‑‑ were you keeping track of ‑‑ no one really got away until Adam on 15, but were you kind of keeping track of where you were in terms of the leaderboard?

MIN WOO LEE:  Well, I knew I was behind all day just from that start.  You know someone’s going to make birdie, so I was a bit behind from the eight‑ball.  Yeah, like I said, it’s a pretty good effort of me just to kind of come back after that start.

Q.  Do you like the electricity of a Sunday?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, it’s awesome.

Q.  How do you feel when you’re in that sort of arena I guess on Sunday?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, it’s brilliant.  Especially 16, that’s a pretty cool ‑‑ nice to make birdie there and get a good roll out of there.  But yeah, I think the crowd’s awesome, I love playing at home.  I know this isn’t home home, Queensland, but it made me feel like home and it was really nice.  Nice crowd, awesome crowd, everyone’s cheering, so it’s awesome.

Q.  As a young guy, do you like the music going on on 16 and sort of really getting involved?  Is that your thing?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool.  Obviously it’s not ‑‑ it’s not usual playing music on the course, but yeah, no, it was cool.  Like today the only thing, they didn’t play that cool music when I was going around, I think around 14, 15, but it got good when I got there, so it was fine.

Q.  You don’t listen to Justin Bieber all day, do you?

MIN WOO LEE:  Well, it might have been better than what I was listening to just before.

Q.  What was playing when you went through?

MIN WOO LEE:  I don’t know.  It was just before I think I got to the hole.  No, it’s all good.

Q.  Odd songs? 

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, I think it was a pretty odd song.  I didn’t know what the song was before I got there.

Q.  Does something like this take ‑‑ take a few of the money worries out of next year where you can just play whenever you like, not have that sort of young pro issue with sort of where’s the next money coming from?

MIN WOO LEE:  Yeah, it obviously helps, but I think good golf takes care of all that stuff.  I know I played pretty solid this year and I’m pretty happy with the way I’m going.  I’m only getting better, I feel like I’m just trending, so it’s really good. 

No, I don’t really worry about the money too much, just got to hit the shots when you need to and hole some putts.  Keep doing that and hopefully I’ll be ‑‑ hopefully I’ll be rich rich one day.

Q.  You’ve been in close range of Adam Scott to see how he goes through his processes and then you’ve seen him in the tournament.  What sort of takeaway do you get from the way Adam handles himself and finds that accelerator to win?

MIN WOO LEE:  If I hit it like him, I think if I drive it like him, I’ll probably win by 10.  He doesn’t make a mistake.  He rarely does.  So no, I think just the way ‑‑ he doesn’t really get into trouble, not like ‑‑ I guess if you win, you don’t.  He controls himself and yeah, just keeps it pretty chill out there and holes putts when he needs to.

Q.  Practice or rest before South Africa, mate?

MIN WOO LEE:  Rest.  I’m not sure if I’ll play South Africa, but I’m definitely ‑‑ it’s holiday mode right now.

Q.  What’s the holiday look like for you?

MIN WOO LEE:  Just at home chilling with family and friends.  I’m looking forward to it.

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