TRANSCRIPT | Michael Hendry, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Michael Hendry, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Q.  It was nearly a blemish‑free round until that back nine.  How do you feel about that now?

MICHAEL HENDRY:  Look, I’m pretty happy with my round today.  It was pretty solid for the most part and playing under a little bit of an injury cloud, it’s ‑‑ 2 under when you’re not feeling 100 percent in some pretty tricky conditions, still in with a chance if I can get myself on the course tomorrow.  I’m pretty happy with that.

Q.  Was it your shoulder or something you aggravated?

MICHAEL HENDRY:  I’ve got some type of rib injury.  We’re not entirely sure what it is yet.  It’s been a little bit stiff most of the week, but it really flared up today and it was pretty difficult coming down the back nine.  But we got through today and hopefully the physio boys will be able to fix me up to the point I’ll be able to get through tomorrow.

Q.  Did you have a bit of a break in the middle of the year in Japan?  Is this something that’s been troubling you for a little while?

MICHAEL HENDRY:  No, I’ve been absolutely fine the whole year.  I have little niggles, I’m 40 years old now, I’m no spring chicken so these little things sort of flare up every now and then, but this one’s something completely new.  So I assume it’s just something random and hopefully if we get on top of it, it won’t be an issue again.

Q.  When did you first notice it?

MICHAEL HENDRY:  I’ve been kind of noticing it very mildly over the whole week, but it really flared up today, so whether I just sort of exacerbated the problem a little bit.  Hopefully the boys will be able to fix me up and I’ll be okay tomorrow.

Q.  Talk us through the discomfort I guess the last four holes.  Your hand came off the club a number of times.

MICHAEL HENDRY:  I was just kind of grabbing ‑‑ obviously so the left side and the top of the backswing, sort of obviously those muscles are all stretching, and then you’re trying to fire it at the same time, so you’re putting it under quite a bit of load and that left side in particular during the transition.  So it’s a little bit painful at the top of the swing and it’s kind of like I’ve just got to man up and hit the shot and hopefully it won’t hurt too much, but it’s pretty tricky.  I managed to ‑‑ I managed to keep the ball I suppose in the places I needed to to shoot a score.

Q.  What treatment have you had this week on it so far?

MICHAEL HENDRY:  I’ve had a little bit of physio during the course of the week, but we’ve been ‑‑ like I said, it hasn’t really been an issue until today.  You know, I’ll go and see the boys now and hopefully they can figure out a plan of attack to make sure it’s okay for tomorrow.

Q.  You’re not concerned at all that it will stop you from playing?

MICHAEL HENDRY:  I am a little, but I’m pretty confident in the guys’ ability.  Hopefully, if I can just get myself out there and warm to the point where I can swing the club, even if I hit a few one‑handed shots, well, so be it.

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