TRANSCRIPT | Johan Kammerstad, Winner’s press conference, 2019 Emirates Australian Open

Johan Kammerstad, Winner’s press conference, 2019 Emirates Australian Open


MARK HAYES:  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the winner of the Australian All Abilities Championship presented by ISPS Handa for a second time, Johan Kammerstad, congratulations. I know you were excited last year, is it the same this year again when you have backed up and done the double?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Yeah.  I didn’t expect it.  I thought it would be possible, but I didn’t expect it, so I’m really happy.

MARK HAYES: Yesterday you put yourself in a position where you had to play from behind, which you didn’t have to do last year, it was a bit more of a runaway, but you told me out there earlier that you know that this course is fraught with danger for all players and you never gave up.

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  No.  I thought we had a chance.  We played okay until the 9th or the 7th, so I thought I lost it there.  But we kept on fighting and played rather good on the back nine as well.

MARK HAYES:  You had an unfortunate nine on the 14th yesterday.  Did you ever at any stage think:  it’s getting away from me?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Yeah, of course.   But on this course, just a couple of holes and then you can bring it back or another guy loses it, so there’s no worries.

MARK HAYES:  I guess my question about the playoff, an unbelievable finish there to beat Curtis in front of a huge gallery.  It must have been a real thrill.

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  I was a bit nervous but it was okay.

Q.  Can you describe what your disability is, if that’s all right, where it is again?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  From birth I have a disability on my right leg, so I’ve done three leg lengthenings during the years and tonnes of surgeries.  So, I have lesser muscles and very bad moveability in my knee and small foot and all sorts of stuff.  I had it when I was a kid, so it doesn’t bother me.

Q.  The scoring was very volatile all week, we saw that.  You made a big number yourself on nine.  When the scoring’s like that, do you always think you’re in it or do you always think you’re out of it?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  I don’t know, I usually am a bit of the negative type, so maybe I think I’m out of it, but on this course you’re not out of it.  People make mistakes and they made mistakes on the back nine, so I just fought hard and managed to get through.

Q.  Between the time you finished and the time of the playoff, you had an awful of time to think.


Q.  At some point it became obvious that was going to be, how did you deal with that, because the worst thing for a golfer is time to think normally?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  We took something to eat and then went back to the range and hit some balls and did some putting, so just do something instead of sitting in a chair and waiting.  But it was okay.

Q.  Will we see you again next year to win three in a row?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Yes, I hope so.

Q.  You might be a good luck charm for Matt Jones, two two-time winners today.

MARK HAYES. That’s right, it’s remarkable.  How was this received in Sweden last year and do you think it will get the same or bigger reception?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD: I have no idea.

MARK HAYES:  Was it well received last year?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Yeah, I got a lot of attention on social media and so on.  So, hopefully it will be the same this year.

MARK HAYES:  Last year, as we’ve mentioned before this week, it was all about the European Disabled Golf Association rankings and this year we’ve got the world rankings for golfers with a disability in full flight.  Does it mean more to you to beat the whole world than just the previous EDGA components?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Yes, of course.  The field is tougher this year and better, especially when the North Americans are coming.

MARK HAYES:  You like to beat the Americans and Canadians?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  It’s good, yes.

MARK HAYES:  You’re not hanging around to play the ISPS Disabled Cup, the President’s Cup unfortunately.


MARK HAYES:  But I heard you ask a sneaky question of Barry from Emirates earlier on with a bit of excess luggage, any luck?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  We’ll see.  Hopefully some other day knows it better than I do. Who knows, maybe tomorrow.  I have to check this one in and I don’t have it.  Nothing to spare.

MARK HAYES:  Johan, you’ve been a credit to Sweden and the whole movement of golfers with a disability.  We really appreciate your time here last year and again this year.  Congratulations, the dual winner of the ISPS Handa Australian All Abilities Championship.  Well done!

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