TRANSCRIPT | Johan Kammerstad, AAAC, 2019 Emirates Australian Open, Final round

Johan Kammerstad, AAAC, 2019 Emirates Australian Open, Final round

KATHIE SHEARER:  I spoke to you at the beginning of the week and you said, “I’m not playing so good.”  What happened?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Maybe I was playing good, but the course, it’s difficult.  The greens are really fast and hard and the fairways as well, so it’s tough.

KATHIE SHEARER:  You must be thrilled, two in a row?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  I didn’t expect this today, especially in the play; really exciting.

Q.  When you teed off this morning you were a long behind, did you have any thoughts that perhaps at the end of the day – we know it’s golf and anything can happen, but?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  We knew that two holes maybe and it could be all tied, so we knew we had a chance.

Q.  During that back nine, at what point did you realise that (a) you were tied for the lead and (b) that those behind might not be able to catch you?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  We didn’t see it until maybe when we have finished, we recognised they were struggling on the back nine as well, so we were ahead.

Q.  I was standing behind you on the playoff hole for your third shot.  What an atmosphere, how did you manage with that?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  I don’t know.  It was nerve-wracking but it worked out.

Q.  Terrific reaction from the crowds I thought, from everybody here, you enjoyed all that aspect?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Yeah, really good.

Q  What now for Johan Kammerstad, two time Australian All Abilities Champion?

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  We’ll see.  It’s winter back home in Sweden so we have to get through that first and then we’ll see what’s happening in the Spring.

KATHIE SHEARER:  And with the ISPA Handa, they have been great supporters of you and this event.

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Yeah.  I’m not that used to that company, I don’t know really, I know they support disabled golf, but I thank them for it.

KATHIE SHEARER:  It’s great to have companies around you that can really help you move along.

JOHAN KAMMERSTAD:  Yes, exactly.

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