TRANSCRIPT | Dimi Papadatos, 2019 Emirates Australian Open, Round 2

Dimi Papadatos, 2019 Emirates Australian Open, Round 2

Q.  You were on the other side of the course away from all the action and here you are leading the Australian Open.

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  Yeah, yeah, just creeping my way up the leaderboard.  It’s good.

Q.  It’s a happy Tournament for you, isn’t it?

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  Yeah, I love just being in Australia.  It’s obviously the fifth Major this week, so it’s good to be home and playing this.

Q.  The fifth Major?

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  Yeah, absolutely, for me it is, anyway.

Q.  It is, it’s an important Tournament for you.

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  Yeah, for sure, as an Australian playing back at home, yeah, it’s massive.

Q.  You came close last year.  Did that teach you a lesson for what’s expected over the weekend?

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  Yeah, last year was a bit of a surprise and I played well.  I better take something from that and know that to get that close you surely can be able to go a little bit better one day, so maybe this week.

Q.  Are you going to go over there and hobble Abraham Ancer over there so you don’t have those same issues?

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  No, it’s all good.

Q.  What was the best part of your round out there?  We saw a nice putt on the telly.

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  I was putting good.  Yeah, the putting was good today.  I didn’t actually hit it fantastic, but with the conditions, you didn’t need to hit it too good out there.  Because of the wind, it was pretty still, so there were a lot of wedges in there.  But I putted really well today, which was good.

Q.  What do you do for the weekend differently to last year?  Not that you did anything bad last year at all.


Q.  Same thing.

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  Just keep going yeah, just try and win.

Q.  To get you where you need to go, well and good.

DIMITRIOS PAPADATOS:  Yeah, see where you finish up from there.

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