TRANSCRIPT | Cameron Smith, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Cameron Smith, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Q.  How big was that par save on 18, Cam, in the greater context of the tournament?

CAMERON SMITH:  Yeah, I guess it was quite big.  I had a few really good up‑and‑downs on that back nine.  I had a few really good up‑and‑downs all day really.  I could be standing here out of the tournament and it looks like I’m only going to be four or five back, which with a day like that, Christmas has come a bit early, I think.

Q.  You’ve talked all week that fatigue’s been an issue.  You’ve got one more round in you.  How was your energy level today compared to yesterday?

CAMERON SMITH:  It was fine today, I just didn’t have it.  I just felt a little bit uncomfortable with my longer stuff, and then combine that with a bit of wind and some tricky pins and, yeah.  So, I mean, just uncomfortable, I guess. 

I wasn’t really tired, or I’ll stop blaming that now.  Yeah, I guess it was just one of those days where just kind of couldn’t quite get it, just felt a tiny bit off and in gusty conditions like that, you just need to be spot on all the time.

Q.  I know you would rather be leading, but is just a couple shots behind not a bad place to be on a Sunday?  Do you think you can apply some pressure?

CAMERON SMITH:  Yeah, that’s going to be the idea, try and get out with a bit of a hot start.  Those first five or six holes, really the whole front nine, you can really get going if you’re hitting if good.  Plenty of opportunities, plenty of wedges and the putts just need to go in.  So there’s opportunity there to apply some pressure, it just needs to turn on.

Q.  What sort of number do you have to have tomorrow?

CAMERON SMITH:  Four or five back, yeah, it’s got to be at least seven or eight, I would think.  But you never know, you apply the pressure early and golf’s a funny game, you can go one way or the other quite quickly.

Q.  Can you lean on those last two years a little bit just mentally tomorrow to put a bit more pressure on the leader?

CAMERON SMITH:  Yeah, I guess I was behind the first year I won, so I can kind of draw from that.  Probably the ‑‑ I’ve got rather than one bloke ahead of me, I’ve got, you know, 10 or however many it is, probably 12, I’m not sure.  Yeah, so I’m going to have to do some hard work tomorrow, it’s going to be tough.

Q.  So we’ll expect a super aggressive Cam Smith on the first tee tomorrow?

CAMERON SMITH:  I don’t think so.  I had 7 under yesterday with playing, you know, just my normal stuff, so there’s no need, there’s no need to, you know, hit driver off every tee and go at every pin when you can quite easily shoot the number with just playing your game.  I think much of the same tomorrow, it just needs to be that one or two percent better with the irons and then the putts just need to roll in.

Q.  Do you hear noise around the course?  If someone’s got hot and you’re maybe a couple groups ahead or behind, do you feel that energy elsewhere on the course?

CAMERON SMITH:  Yeah, yeah, for sure.  I guess you kind of know.  It’s the same everywhere basically, you kind of know what’s happening without even looking at leaderboards.  It seemed quite flat on that front nine today, it didn’t seem like there was a lot of cheers or anything like that, which is great for me.  I mean, I was already behind.  Yeah, you can kind of sense what’s going on without knowing.

Q.  Does the Wantima galleries appear as well on Sundays or ‑‑

CAMERON SMITH:  Yeah, I guess so.  Most of the boys from Wantima will be out here tomorrow, probably all the family that will be cheering me on.  Hopefully we can take them back the trophy again.

Q.  How’s the Heat, being in the bunker with Chris Lennon and the rest of the Heat boys last night, Cam?

CAMERON SMITH:  Yeah, it was great fun.  Obviously not the result that they wanted or that I wanted.  It was a bit of a tense little, what do you call it, dug‑out, I guess, after the game, so I was just, see ya, boys.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

CAMERON SMITH:  Yeah, in memory, yeah.  That was actually it.

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