TRANSCRIPT | Adam Scott, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Adam Scott, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 3

Q.  Scotty, 16, a birdie there, a birdie on 18, but some really good scrambling to keep some ‑‑

ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, it was that kind of day.  It was not easy, the wind was blowing and, you know, out of the northeast is ‑‑ makes the course play fairly tricky.  With the pins as well today, I thought it was a very defensive golf course, and at some point you were going to have to scramble and I scrambled well on 13, 14 and 15 to stay in it and then had a good finish.  Some days it’s not that pretty, but it’s effective.

Q.  Seeing the crowd out and about there on the 18th, the approach to your tricky ‑‑ (inaudible)?

ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  Well, sometimes you just have a good number and I had one there, and the best thing was I made a good move at it and it all worked out.  You know, you hope for that to happen, but you just never know.  You’ve got to take advantage of it when it comes your way.  This golf course can bite you, so it’s important that you execute your shots well or you’re down in the valleys of sin around these greens.

Q.  (No microphone.)

ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I mean, look, it’s incredibly bunched, and if it’s windy tomorrow, it’s going to be hard for anyone to really separate themselves unless they just play an incredible round of golf, go out there and roll in a lot of putts.  For me, my strategy’s going to be the same.  Unless I hole a lot of long putts, I don’t see myself just running away with this thing.  I’m in for a fight tomorrow.

Q.  Adam, we spoke earlier in the week about your motivation to win this week and it’s all worked out pretty nicely.  How nice would it be for you to finish it off?

ADAM SCOTT:  Oh, it would be great, it would be great.  I mean, I’ve tried really hard to keep my intensity up after last week, and my focus on the course.  I’ve had a couple moments where I’ve wavered, but I’ve managed to pull it back together.  Yeah, it would be nice to cap off this year with a win here at home because I know what the confidence of that can do going into next year and just kind of make things a little more comfortable running into the Masters time.

Q.  What did John say to you after that second shot into 18?

ADAM SCOTT:  I think he enjoyed that one, too.  You know, John has been caddying for me for a year now and I’ve played some good golf, but we’ve kind of been sneaking into contention.  So this is I think a fun week for him, we’re right in the mix and hitting those kind of shots.  Even for me, that moment on 18, that’s the kind of stuff you mess around as a kid thinking you’re going to do, so it’s always fun to stuff one on the last.

Q.  When you sign up a new caddie, do you say, I’m going to win one this year for you?  Do you give him any guarantees about wins?

ADAM SCOTT:  I don’t.  There are no guarantees for caddies.  They just have to behave their best.

Q.  What was the distance on the shot into the 18th green?

ADAM SCOTT:  I’m trying to remember it now.  It was 169 yards to the hole into off the right.

Q.  Adam, you’ve said a few times during the year that you kind of just haven’t started tournaments quickly enough to get yourself in this position to win, you’ve had to sort of chase, you know.  Is it a different mentality when you do enter Sunday in front?

ADAM SCOTT:  No.  I mean, I always kind of thought you just go and play a round of golf and play like you’re behind; I mean, within reason.  Again, this is a very defensive golf course, you can’t force it out here or you’re going to get bitten.  So I’ll just take what comes tomorrow.  Hopefully I can have a hot day with the putter and roll a few in and it’s all very comfortable, but it’s a very bunched leaderboard.  If it’s windy, the scores are going to be like today, it’s going to be hard to shoot really low.

Q.  Did you notice Nick’s 63?  It happened just before you started.

ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I saw it.  It’s an incredible round.  It was really far from my thought process out there today.  I mean, it was just ‑‑ you know, he must have had a day out.  And it can happen, you never know.  I would never write myself off shooting it tomorrow, but it’s unlikely.

Q.  What about Cam, four shots back, can he shoot 63 tomorrow?

ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, yeah.  I mean, that’s right.  Yeah, this is the kind of course where, you know, he can ‑‑ I don’t even think he might need to shoot 63.  If I was four shots back, I’d be thinking 66.  The leaders still have to play a hell of a round of golf to shoot 2 or 3 under, so he’s right in the mix.

Q.  Did you ever play ‑‑ 

Q.   ‑‑ grain on the green or is it pretty similar?

ADAM SCOTT:  It was pretty similar.  I mean, they’ve been very consistent all week.  You know, only the odd putt here or there where you get up high on the green and there’s a cross grain and a crosswind, yeah, putts get a bit tricky, but generally they’ve been consistent all week.

Q.  Scotty, did you ever compete with Wade for like a South Australian Under‑13 title or anything of that ilk, like you’ve gone for a trophy as a kid?

ADAM SCOTT:  I can’t remember as a kid, no, not so much, but I remember us playing off here obviously five years ago.  Maybe we finished one and two at the South Australian Junior one year at Royal Adelaide.  I finished one (Laughs.)  Not that I remember, no.

Q.  In junior teams together where you were just mucking around going for nine holes in the afternoon, did you put up a Mars bar or a can of Coke playing each other?

ADAM SCOTT:  The thing is, I was playing in Queensland really when we were at that age.  We were playing against each other and not really just ‑‑ we weren’t members of the same club or anything.  I was up here, so I just saw him at the Interstate Series.  We did a trip to America together once to play the Junior World Championship and the U.S. Junior.  So I mean, we’ve traveled and we’ve spent time together, but just doing what normal (inaudible) off like kids do and trying to not get in too much trouble.

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