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Time to tee off at the Trackman Performance Zone

The PGA Academy, in partnership with the PGA of Australia, is proud to launch the Trackman Performance Zone (TPZ).

A unique, state-of-the-art facility, it gives golfers the chance to learn, practice and play in a high-performance environment, 24/7. The TPZ opened on Monday, with one week of exclusive access to Sandhurst club golf members and residents.

The TPZ is a member-access facility based at the PGA Golf Learning Hub, within the Sandhurst Club precinct. Comprising of four simulators powered by Trackman technology, it gives members access to skill-development, coaching services and gameplay.

Coaching Programs Manager at the PGA of Australia, Nick Bielawski, is thrilled to open the doors to members and is excited by what the opening of the Trackman Performance Zone represents.

“In launching the Trackman Performance Zone, we are giving golfers the chance to commit to their game-improvement journey in a new and exciting location,” he said. “We know that Trackman provides unrivalled shot data, so to offer that to more golfers will help make skill-development easier than ever before.”

Additionally, the TPZ will help to enhance the coaching offering available at the PGA Academy.

“To have another indoor and controlled environment will give our coaches the chance to work with their clients in great depth,” Bielawski explained.

“To coach with that instant, accurate and detailed shot feedback will mean that clients can see how their game is evolving, even over the course of an hour-long session.”

Beyond skill-development, the Trackman Performance Zone shapes as a destination for an exceptional gameplay experience – in any weather, at any time.

Open 24/7 for members, the Trackman software has more than 200 courses available to play, including some iconic locations like St Andrews and Pebble Beach Golf Links.

“The gameplay experience on the Trackman simulators is unbelievable,” Bielawski said. “To give golfers the option to play these championship courses in less than an hour, really helps to open up the game to more people.”

Memberships to the Trackman Performance Zone are being released in stages, with the first wave available exclusively to Sandhurst Club residents and members, and set to open to the broader public this Friday.

For more information on the Trackman Performance Zone and the services available at the PGA Academy, click HERE

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