Statement: Golf ball testing update - PGA of Australia

Statement: Golf ball testing update

The R&A and United States Golf Association (USGA) last night announced the revision of testing for conforming golf balls, with the change to come into effect January 1, 2028.

As a member of the PGA World Alliance that brings together leading vocational Professional Golf Associations around the globe, the PGA of Australia initially raised concerns over some of the proposed changes, and we are pleased that The R&A and USGA continue to take our views into consideration that will cover the entirety of the game with a view toward protecting the courses and skills required that are the fabric of our great game.

The PGA of Australia are also encouraged that while changes will come into effect at the elite level in 2028, the changes for recreational golfers become active at January 1, 2030 allowing our PGA Members, both vocational and tournament, time to plan and adjust.

As one of the many organisations working for the betterment of the game of golf globally, the PGA of Australia has great respect for The R&A and USGA as the rule makers of golf and appreciates the opportunity for involvement in this process following the Distance Insights Project that has ultimately resulted in this decision.

Detail on the changes can be found HERE

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