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Mind and body a Must for Katelyn

If golf is indeed a game for everybody then there is a golf swing for every body… you just need to be guided to the swing that is perfect for you.

Rather than trying to get everyone who attends a lesson to swing like Adam Scott, PGA Professionals understand that outside of some basic fundamentals that everyone’s ideal swing is one that is uniquely modelled to their own physical characteristics.

Few understand that better than Peregian Golf Course PGA Professional Katelyn Must.

A promising amateur with dreams of playing professional golf around the world, Must suffered dislocations of the L4 and L5 vertebrae while doing deadlifts in an effort to get stronger.

She remains passionate about competing and continually striving to improve as a golfer but such a setback opened her eyes to the opportunity to move into coaching and to help others also fulfil their potential.

Must’s own experience dictates that a person’s physical make-up is a critical foundation for the way they will swing the golf club and it begins as soon as they walk through the door.

“I always look at someone standing in front of me or even as they’re walking towards me, watching how they walk, how they move,” Must explains.

“Then I would be looking at their length of limbs, those kinds of things. If they roll on the outside of the feet… I’d be looking at everything of how they moved before they even swing the golf club.”

Of course, there’s not a golfer alive who doesn’t want to own a swing that makes playing partners swoon.

But for every Minjee Lee there is a player that finds success without following the model swing. Must takes steps to guide golfers into the swing that is going to work best for them.

“I’ll put them through a series of tests but I’m not necessarily telling them that this is what they need to be. But I’m showing them. They’re learning themselves,” says Must.

It is this connection between a person’s physical and mental performance that Must finds most engrossing.

And if that means convincing them that a picture-perfect swing might not yield the results they are seeking, how to shape their thinking to embrace the swing that is perfect for them.

“I really love the mental aspect of coaching, the subconscious and conscious mind,” says Must.

“Would you prefer a swing that looks good or one that is going to help you reduce your score by three or four shots every round? All of a sudden, they’re choosing the one that gives them three shots less.

“You’ve shifted their mind from what they believed they needed, to a place of where you want them.

“By asking a lot of questions you can get down to more of the nitty gritty of what they’re actually wanting.”

PGA Professionals are experts in helping you find the swing that will allow you to play your best golf! Book a lesson with your local PGA Professional at pga.org.au.

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