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McGeachie excited by possibility at Golf Business Forum/PGA Expo

The Golf Business Forum/ PGA Expo is now less than a week away. Your chance to come and help shape the future of Australian golf, at the Expo you will hear from a range of high-calibre speakers and presenters.

We chatted with PGA Professional Toby McGeachie, who will be sitting on the Digital and Technology Success panel. McGeachie can’t wait to get to Melbourne, and knows that attending the Expo is a wonderful learning and networking opportunity for everyone in the industry.

What are you most looking forward to about the GBF/ PGA Expo?

Being educated and motivated in my favourite subject area, GOLF! Personally I am looking forward to connecting with some friends while being down in Melbourne. In particular a few people who I have not actually met in-person but only hosted on my podcast or through social media.

Talk to us about the ‘Digital and Technology Success’ panel.

Firstly, I am really looking forward to being a part of the esteemed panel which includes Ned Coten and Michael Zisman from Golf Genius who have been leaders in the digital space for many years. 

My role within the panel is to share insights into my online coaching successes and also a really cool demonstration on coaching within the Virtual reality space using the Golf+ app.

Our goal collectively as a team is to help shed some light in particular areas where people can be using technology to help optimise the experience of their clients, business, coaching and much more. Essentially what the potential future holds in the technology space.

How powerful do you think the relationship between golf and digital technology is?

Incredibly powerful. Social media is a great tool for building any business and in particular the online golf coaching space. The leaders in the online golf coaching world all have huge followings on Socials. It’s a great tool to help showcase your skills and what you have to offer.

What value do you think PGA Members will get from the Expo?

Guy Chapple, along with the team have done a great job in handpicking the leaders in each of their fields. There is a lot of value for everyone attending not to mention the potential networking opportunities while being down there for the week. Personally, when I surround myself with people who are passionate about golf in particular PGA Members gets me really excited and motivated.

Why did you want to be part of the Expo?

I really wanted to present to PGA Members on the Online coaching space; from what it has to offer for the student and the lifestyle opportunities it can create for the coach. I have been truly gifted that I can work from anywhere in the world through my iPad! I want every PGA member to have the knowledge and opportunity to do the same.

Take your chance to be part of this history-making event and secure your tickets to the unmissable Golf Business Forum/ PGA Expo today!

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