TRANSCRIPT | Adam Scott, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 4

Adam Scott, 2019 Australian PGA Championship, Round 4

Q.  How do you feel?

ADAM SCOTT:  Pretty stoked, actually.  I kind of grinded it out this week and I feel like I outsmarted the golf course a little bit, which feels good, and it was good enough to beat everyone. 

So it’s been a long time between drinks for me and maybe only once or twice did the thought cross my mind that I’ll never win again.  It feels very good to win here, especially to finish the year off kind of winning at home.

Q.  It did cross your mind once or twice of never winning again?

ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I mean, fleeting thoughts.  You don’t know.  I think it’s very difficult to win.  I’m on the wrong side of this age thing now where these young guys are really good and I played some pretty good golf a couple weeks this year and fell short.  You know, record‑setting scores.  I think the courses are getting tougher, guys are playing good.  Just being all right doesn’t really get you in, you’ve got to be pretty much sensational.

Q.  People probably look at you and think every time you get on the golf course you think you need to win, but when you actually do win, what does that do for someone like you?

ADAM SCOTT:  Well, it’s big for the confidence.  I mean, I’ve seen what it’s done for me in the past; a win, you feel like you’re just never going to lose again, so you want to run with that while the confidence is up.  Somehow I’ll have to think that in seven weeks when I step back in L.A.

But I’ve seen not only a win here for myself at the end of 2012, I won the Masters, in Melbourne and then off some good golf where I didn’t win and what that kicked me onto in ’13 and on.  And I’ve seen Rory win in ’13 and go on to have an amazing ’14, and Jordan Spieth and so on.

You know, there’s a lot of confidence from a win and I’ll look forward to enjoying that.

Q.  You mentioned the Masters a few times and the build‑up to it.  Does this change your mindset now heading into your preparations for that tournament?

ADAM SCOTT:  I hope it helps, yeah.  I’ve got to think it does.  There’s a long way to go, but it’s nice to have reassurance and the belief of winning.  You want to be in contention and you want to find out how you feel and how you respond and I got some of that today.  So if I happen to be in that position someday at the Masters, I can draw on today and past experience, but this is a little more fresh, you know, than going back to 2016 and trying to remember how I felt.

Q.  Was there a moment on the back nine where you felt it slipping away at all, Adam?  I know you bogeyed eight and there’s a big pack there atop the leaderboard.

ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I didn’t feel it slipping away.  Six, seven and eight I thought just made the day hard for me because I had an opportunity to I thought kind of get a few in front and make it hard for everyone else, but I didn’t do well on those holes.

And then 12 was a great save.  I think, yeah, as good as the eagle on 15, the par on 12 was equally good.

Q.  What do you think of the 15th?  It just seems to keep turning up as a saviour hole in there.

ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I had a good drive and a 5‑iron in, and it was a pretty nice number, it was 215 yards to the front and just a slight breeze to help, so I knew it could pitch just right of the front and that was all I was trying to do.

Q.  Adam, you were an early commitment to this tournament, I think in April of this year.  How much more satisfying does a win knowing that you delivered the goods for them? 

ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I hope they’re happy with the result, but, you know, some of these things, for me it’s important to commit to early, but also I can really plan my whole year so that I’m here ready to play.  You know, sometimes as the year drags out, you’re kind of fading, but with the Presidents Cup here, I knew I was going to be motivated to be in top form for these three weeks.  I was a little rough there at the Aussie Open, but we turned it around and made the most of it, which I want to do every time I play.

Q.  Nick just mentioned you said nice things to him at 18 there.  What’s it like ‑‑

ADAM SCOTT:  Oh, it’s great.  Nick and I ‑‑ well, we reminisced just a couple weeks ago about playing golf with Ernie when he shot 60 at Royal Melbourne.  Nick was in the group with me, so that’s 15 years ago, so we’ve known each other a long time.  We’ve been on surf trips together and I’m really happy to see Nick playing golf like that today.  You know, not just up there, but he’s playing really good and I hope he takes a lot out of the last couple weeks and gets himself back to where he wants to be.  He’s obviously very talented, but he looked good out there today, I liked it.

Q.  Do you swing the club at all over your break, Adam, or just pick up the surfboard?

ADAM SCOTT:  I’ll give myself at least until the new year before anyone can drag me out on the course, but yeah, I’ll go play a couple times.  Playing good, so why not.

Q.  Do your kids have any ‑‑ what is their concept of golf?  Your oldest is in that stage where she probably understands a bit about golf?

ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, they both ‑‑ well, my oldest doesn’t really play.  She kind of does, but my young boy, he likes hitting a golf ball.  I try not to coach him. 

But yeah, they just think it’s work and it takes me away from them, so I don’t know what their relationship is with the game just yet.

Q.  Are you going to take the trophy home to the kids?

ADAM SCOTT:  Well, that will be fun for my daughter because she’s asked all year for a trophy, so I’ve not been able to deliver.  So that will be fun for me tonight, see if that makes her happy.

Q.  Probably the furthest thing from your mind, but Olympics next year, will you give yourself time to think about whether you commit to that?

ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I’m just going to take my time and see.  I mean, I’ve made it clear it’s not my priority, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

Q.  You’re in good form, I guess it would be nice to win a medal?

ADAM SCOTT:  It would be nice to win a major first.

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