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Temporary Tournament Member Tour – (Professional)

Temporary Tournament Member Tour – (Professional)

Temporary Tournament Member Tour (is a PROFESSIONAL membership formally known as Affiliate Membership Tour)

(a) Eligibility
A professional golfer who is not otherwise eligible to be a Full Member (Tournament); is exempt and or a confirmed player into a PGA Tour Order of Merit Tournament; indicates their intention to take up membership on the applicable application online form; and pays the fee as determined by the Board from time to time prior to competing in the first PGA Tour Order of Merit Tournament, from which they wish their points to count towards the current PGA Tour Order of Merit.

(b) Playing Rights
Subject to the Conditions of Competition and any other criteria in place for a Tournament, the person:

(i) can enter PGATA events but will only be able to gain access into an event via a tournament invite or pre-qualifying.

(ii) will be eligible to accept a Tournament Invitation (maximum of 7 per season) for PGA Pro-Am Tournaments upon approval from the PGA Tournaments Division.

Tournament entry fees for the first tournament a player participates in as a Temporary Tournament Member – Tour, will be charged at the non member rate, and thereafter they will be charged the same fee as Full Tournament Members. Any points earnt will count and show on the Official PGATA Order of Merit.

A TTMT will not be required to play in the minimum number of events to count on the Final OOM.

TTMT entrants will be displayed below Full Member Vocational Members and above Non-Member Professional entries for those tournaments with pre-qualifying.

Should any TTMT who has in this season earned the equivalent or greater number of Order of Merit points as the 50th placed position in the previous season’s Final Order of Merit will be elevated to Category 18.

TTMT final position on the Order of Merit will be applied to the next season, i.e. – Top 70 OOM will receive a category for the following season, Top 85 will be entitled to PGA Tournament Membership, Top 100 will be exempted into the next Final Stage of Qualifying School. TTMT members do not hold voting rights are not eligible to take PGA office and have limited membership privileges, for further information talk to the Tour Staff or contact- [email protected]