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Get to know a PGA Pro – Brett Scothern

General Manager at Medway Golf Club in Melbourne’s West, Brett Scothern is committed to ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable environment for everyone at the golf course.

His dedication to this cause saw him named Victorian Management Professional of the Year for 2022.

We chatted with Brett about his time in the game and specifically as a PGA Professional.

Who got you into the game?

“I remember my uncle arrived to Australia from England and he was a golfer. He took me out for my first game at our local course – Melton Valley Golf Club when I was about seven or eight. My dad then took up the game and we played Melton and Gisborne together. I have basically spent every day on a golf course since then, be it working or playing.”

What advice would you give a new PGA Professional?

“Learn everything about the game early on. From there, then you can be the best you can in one particular area; coaching, retail, fitting, management – whatever you want to do. If you are one of the best, you will always have work opportunities arise.

What motivates you every day?

“I just enjoy seeing golfers enjoy their round and experience at the club. Particularly new golfers coming through our various programs. A good result every month with the profit/ loss statement is certainly motivating, too!”

How do you think we can make the game more accessible/ enjoyable for more people?

“I think overall, the main golfing bodies are on the right track and we have got a lot better as an industry lately. We have to keep promoting the game on more than a club membership/ competition basis. Someone who hits balls at a driving range/ mini golf/ one-club golfers are all golfers too. social players and non-members need to be treated well so they want to keep playing.”

What is your favourite golfing memory?

“Playing the 1997 Vic Open. My one and only tour event, I played as an amateur and pre-qualified. Although I missed the cut at Victoria Golf Club, it was fantastic to be a part of it with Allenby, Ogilvy, Baddeley, Lonard and all of them out there on course in a real tournament atmosphere. I Thought it would be one of many, but I took a career change a year later.”

What would you serve at the Masters Champions Dinner?

“Yorkshire pudding or eye fillet steak.”

What’s your favourite part about being a PGA Professional?

“The opportunity to work in any facet of the industry to stay fresh. You can manage a club, coach, work in retail, even play in great events if you want to. There are lots of great people all sharing a passion for the game and the logo is a great way to gain respect in the industry.”

What do you never go to work without?

“My mobile phone, how sad!”

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